Quotient Capital Invests in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology has been making headlines globally, and businesses like Quotient Capital are churning up new ways to utilize the technology and combat government regulation. While some believe that the technology solves deficiencies in traditional processes, others are wary of the unknown circumstances that could arise. Yet, the general consensus is that Blockchain Technology will continue to progress and impact our lives.

The massive growth of the value of Bitcoin has drawn attention towards Blockchain Technology. Consequently, many people are starting to realize that the importance does not lie in the tokens, but in the technology of the bitcoins. There are many platforms where you can check BTC to USD.

The technology solves complex processes through transparent activities that are unable to be manipulated. Especially relevant, it settles any skepticism of security by using a universal ledger that is private and secure.

A blockchain payment-processing platform allows businesses to digitize assets and facilitate reliable transactions online. The application provides fast, safe and affordable financial transactions by using encrypted ledgers without intermediaries. Consequently, this expedites the process at a lower cost. In the future, smart contracts can allow the ledger to automatically executes orders. This would further improve the speed of delivery while eliminating room for error.

The Blockchain Music Platform is another useful application of the technology. Today’s providers protect their content through a series of consumer restrictions. Blockchain allows users to store individual files on a decentralized network. It also has the ability to verify user-credentials autonomously and enables direct payments to the contributing artist. This benefits artists and users as record labels cannot collect the lion’s share of the artist’s profits.

Investments by Quotient Capital

Quotient Capital has been exploring the capabilities of the technology and predicts amazing improvements from the technology. The firm is especially interested in its applications to the financial services industry.

The Bitcoin business actively searches for businesses that apply the Blockchain Technology to invest in. Consequently, the thriving industry has generated returns that have surpassed the equities market.

Quotient Capital

Quotient Capital is a blockchain asset investment management company founded in Australia in 2004.

The firm began as a conventional asset management company. It focused primarily on the acquisitions and trading of various crypto-currencies, as well as investments in crypto-currency-related companies and assets.

Quotient Capital currently has 5.8 billion USD assets under management and five offices globally.

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