Splice Announces it has Paid $10 Million to Artists Who Distribute Sounds on Platform

Splice has announced that it has paid $10 million to artists who have distributed sounds on its platform. The company is evolving the way musicians make music. Since the inception of Splice Sounds in 2015, the company paid the royalties to music creators who distribute sounds through the sample service.

This represents a doubling in revenue paid to artists by Splice in less than a year.

Splice also announced the Splice Creator Initiative. This is a constellation of programs designed to serve the independent sound creator community. These include the musicians, producers, sound designers, vocalists and others who create samples, loops, and other types of audio content that power today’s music. The Splice Creator Initiative will create opportunities for sound creators to further develop their craft and careers. It will also create opportunities for musicians who have not pursued sound creation. It allows them to explore it as a new source of revenue and creative fulfillment.

Splice has acquired two leading sample labels: Capsun ProAudio and Sample Magic. Both of these labels help manage the Splice Creator Initiative. They also build a direct and deep connection between Splice and the independent sound creator community. Both teams have been producing high-quality original sample content for decades.

Creators who are interested in participating in the Splice Creator Initiative can find out more a by clicking here!

Sample Magic and Capsun ProAudio will continue to produce original sample content under their own brands. With these moves, Splice now has 140 employees. The company has offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Brighton, and Ireland.



Jonathan Lee, Chief Business Officer at Splice made the following statement:

We are actively developing a new music industry at Splice — one that doesn’t rely solely on the product of finished songs or albums. Individuals who create samples, loops, and other sonic content for other creators to use are a critical part of the song creation process today, and they should have an opportunity to be compensated just like songwriters and performers. I’m incredibly proud that we have already paid out over $10 million to artists who create sounds; we want more musicians to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that creating sounds — or what we call ‘collaborative content’ — can provide.

Jay Pulman, Founder of Capsun ProAudio(who will soon become the Creative Director of Splice Creator Initiative) made the following statement:

Sound creators create elements that are found in countless hit songs every year, yet there is no clear path or open communication within the sound creation industry. With the launch of Splice Creator Initiative, we can finally pull back the curtain for sound creators and enable them to focus on making the best sounds by supporting them with a wide array of resources – from financial investment to best practices for sample creation.

Sharooz Raoofi, founder of Sample Magic also made a statement:

Until now, it’s been very difficult for those that create all these musical elements to have a consistent platform to release our work, never mind a regular income stream. Splice is really creating a new world order for musicians of all stripes. Knowing that our material will be out on the largest music creation and collaboration site in the world, and that we can concentrate on the creative side – it’s a huge step to have this support.

About Splice

Splice evolves the way people create, connect, and collaborate. The company doesn’t just react to what musicians need now; they take their creativity further to predict musicians future needs. They have a  browsable library of samples and pioneer rent-to-own plugin plans. As a result, their products power the creative flow of today’s musicians. Over two million musicians, including Top 40 hitmakers and bedroom producers, utilize Splice. Splice allows artists to get started or unstuck, move forward, and make progress on their music. Splice was founded in 2013 by Steve Martocci and Matt Aimonetti. Splice’s vision is that an open music ecosystem will lead to more and better musicians, more and better music, and a creative culture that works better for everyone involved.

About Capsun ProAudio

Capsun ProAudio is a boutique sample creation and sound design company based in London and Brighton, UK. At the heart of the company are a team of producers and artists who share a real love for making music. They also share an ambition to inspire and spark new creative ideas. Musicians knowledgeable in their chosen genre created the project. Every sound and musical element accurately reflect current themes and production techniques. Rather than having a single person attempting every style,  a dedicated team providing credible, useable royalty-free content to the highest standard. Capsun ProAudio has also created and licensed custom sounds to the industry’s leading music production software, hardware, and audio apps.

About Sample Magic

Sample Magic is a leading provider of musical components and sound samples to producers across a wide range of genres. Since 2006, the company has specialized in the finest cutting-edge audio, plugins, courses, and resources for producers. The company also built a reputation for unique, award-winning products. Leading producers in the industry have masterfully crafted every loop or sample released. The company also clears tracks and samples for copyright. Sample Magic has also published award-winning book titles, licensed sounds into the world’s leading music production apps, software and conducted a series of courses on dance music production and the wider music industry.


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