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The High Community

It is as clear as day that there are loyal readers of OneEDM. These dedicated readers are either a lover of music, creator of music, or both. And as any musician or fan, having access to what they want and need for the means of creating or enjoying music, doesn’t always come easy. This is where The High Community steps in. The High Community, abbreviated as T.H.C. is a network of business managers for Music Fy. Music Fy is a funding portal dedicated solely to music. T.H.C. connects these qualified managers to artists while offering everything they’ll need to have a successful career. The High Community provides trusted and professional management guidance for only a low monthly subscription.

The High Community is replacing the need for record deals by offering advisors and investment funding. Creating partnerships with content creators and investors is like magic made in digital online music heaven. T.H.C. is building, aiding, and supporting the careers of artists. Here at OneEDM, we are all for the support and growth of today’s musicians, and most importantly, their fans. All due to the JOBS Act bill signed back in 2012, the high community is offering support from startup advisor services to crowdfunding.

The High Community is an advising and funding service that will propel dreams of a music career. Their goal is to make their client’s goals a reality. The High Community provides access to everything musicians need to start their own label and their own mobile apps while making it successful at the highest level. A client-based service like this isn’t found often in the music industry. However, as the world changes so will the music business.

A World of Business and Music

During times like these, music may be the only outlet for emotional distress for many people. That’s how powerful and important music is for humans. With such a passion for music, many musicians and fans have a deep desire to dedicate their lives to music. But it’s not easy to get to where artists want to be in the music industry without having to compromise so much of their truth. As musicians, authenticity is highly important. Shopping for record deals can be discouraging due to the restrictions and control that many labels place upon their artists. But artists no longer have to worry, because a new platform is here to solve so many of their concerns.

Startup advisors in The High Community like Eric Petty-Owens coach and educate artists on how they can raise up to $1,070,000 with equity-based crowdfunding. With support like this, it’ll be workable for artists to build their own image, develop their brand, and launch app services when it seemed nearly impossible. If any up-and-coming artists are looking to gain support in building their image, T.H.C. is here. If any investors are looking to invest in a promising product, then The High Community (T.H.C.) is their best answer. No matter the role or interest in music, The High Community has the backing means to bring one’s intentions into the real world.

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