Thump Agency relaunches the Premier Agency for the Music Industry

Thump Agency is a creative agency that offers more than just management. Our founders, Raquel R. Sánchez and Christine Cooper, have over 30 years of experience in A&R, artist management, booking, as well as marketing campaigns specific to the music industry.

Combining their experiences, both founders are minority women in the music business and knew that they would be met with some challenges embarking in their venture. Thump Agency’s marketing & music promotion services have helped launch many artists’ careers and will continue for decades to come. The main objective is to deliver record-label marketing with affordable prices to the musical artist.

Services offered at Thump Agency include everything that the DJ, producer or vocalist needs, from music publishing to graphic design, publicity campaigns and much more. The ladies have also recently garnered the aid of Charles Morales, a former DefJam executive.

Along with a new staff, new social media publicist and a brand new website, Thump Agency is well on its way to becoming the premier agency for the music industry.

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