Top 7 Ways to Get SoundCloud Promotion

Today’s musical artists are not just singer/songwriters/producers. Today’s artists have to be marketers as well. One of the toughest things to do is get SoundCloud promotion in a universe of other artists. Below is a few ideas how to promote on SoundCloud and even get free SoundCloud promotion.

1. Make A Plan

Upwards of 80 million people listen to SoundCloud promoted tracks. It is one of the most popular places for new artists as well as veteran artists to get their music heard. In order to reach those millions of listeners, you will need a plan.

Of course, you want your music to be heard, but to make that happen, you will need smaller goals. Things such as increasing the number of Soundcloud followers, increasing the plays, more likes and comments are the first things on which you need to concentrate. With this in mind, you can move on to other ways how to promote on SoundCloud.

2. Tags Are Crucial

Tags are not quite Google, but they are not far off. They are specific, worded so that anyone can find what they are searching for. The more specific and descriptive your tags, the better those millions of listeners will find your SoundCloud promoted tracks.

Tag your name. Tag your genre, tag whether it is a ballad or a hard rocking EDM song, list a mood such as thought-provoking, spiritual, or love. If the track is beats, then tag them. If the track is bass, keyboards, or drums, or a combination, tag them for not just SoundCloud promotion, but for free SoundCloud promotion.

3. Add A Buy Link

Listens, likes, and comments will get your music heard, but it will not buy the new mixing software you need. Add a buy link to iTunes, Beatport, or whatever site you use to sell your music. You would be surprised how your fans will support your music when you put “donate” on buttons.

4. Use Promotional Channels

Engagement is the name of the game. Before you upload your music, check out everyone else’s music. Like it, leave comments, share their music on your own channel, as well as leaving a link to your music on their channels. Don’t spam them, however, because that is the death knell to your SoundCloud promoted tracks. Essentially, be your own music promoter.

Other artists as well as new artists are constantly looking for something worthy in which to listen. Now that SoundCloud is also a distribution service so you can explore new artists sounds, as well they have the SoundCloud Go+ service that gives DJ’s/Producers access to a huge digital database of audio. Other artists may also be looking for someone with which to collaborate as well as how to promote on SoundCloud. Helping each other is one of the best ways of getting good music out to millions of listeners. Work with as many artists as possible, because not only is it free SoundCloud promotion, but sharing each others music will get you new listeners and buyers.

5. Find Your Fans

This takes time, but the rewards will amaze you. Go to the comments section of your channel. Go to each fan’s page to send them a comment on their own music. Don’t just write “great!” or something short and sweet. Make it a long comment, preferably with details of what you like.

This kind of SoundCloud promotion gets both of your music recognized. Keep in mind other people read these comments and will check out both of your music getting you soundcloud plays in return. This is invaluable, because the chain of readers and listeners will grow exponentially. Once again, it’s free SoundCloud promotion and will contribute to the growth of your channel. You can even find fans on social media like Instagram or Twitter.

6. SoundCloud Promotion is About Repost Chains

If artists and producers wonder how to promote on SoundCloud, they should ask other producers how they got involved in repost chains. Did they establish the chains themselves, or did they ask another producer how to join one? Repost chains allow producers to repost SoundCloud promoted tracks.

Producer A will post a track. Then Producer B will repost it. Producer B will then post his own track, which producer A will repost. Now, producer C will post a track. Then, producers A and B will repost the track. And so it goes.

While this SoundCloud promotion is a great way to get new followers and buyers, it can also annoy them. If their feed is jammed with other people’s music they might not want to hear, they could very well stop following you. Keep the reposts to a minimum after the first two or three. You will keep your followers as well as gaining a few more.

7. SoundCloud Paid Promotion

Most of these methods are free SoundCloud promotion, but buying it is not too expensive. It gets your music out there and grows your following. Pick a promotional service that drives organic targeted traffic to your channel instead of buying fake likes and fake plays. Real followers will listen to music advertised this way. You do not have to do it often, and it will not cost an arm and a knee-cap.

Due to the millions of artists wondering how to promote on SoundCloud, you could be lost in the shuffle of the music industry. It takes work, but getting your SoundCloud promoted tracks heard is worth it. You’re in business to grow your audience and sell your music, after all, so make sure you avoid these marketing mistakes to be successful. You put in the time and effort to make your music the best ever with the hopes of landing that future record label.

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