WAV Media and Mixmag Announce New Artist Spotlight: “Magnified” Along With a Special Contest for Emerging Producers

WAV Media, just announced that they are partnering with Mixmag to unleash their newest artist spotlight called “Magnified.”

Magnified” will invite fans on an in-depth ride to witness the journeys of 10 hand-picked artists as they continue stardom. Content such as videos, interviews, and interactive live streams will look into the creative process of notable producers:  Cassian, Daktyl, Durante, Baltra, JackLNDN, Jerry Folk, Justin Cudmore, J. Worra, Octo Octa, and Qrion

However, The Magnified team is not yet complete. Two up-and-coming artists can also enter for a chance to be part of the exclusive Magnified project. The winners will be chosen and featured in a MixMag Lab Livestream, performance at a major US festival, $2000 in video production support from WAV Media, and extensive coverage across all MixMag channels. It is a golden opportunity for artists with serious talent, who are also serious about their success.

Find more details about how to enter here.

Check out the video below!

About WAV Media

WAV Media is a music and tech startup that provides an all-encompassing support system for artists worldwide. Given that, they utilize technology to help musicians showcase their craft in a unique and interactive way. WAV Media offers an ever-evolving look at today’s biggest musical movers and shakers through its cutting-edge ecosystem featuring the WAV app, original content series, interactive live streams and events, and eclectic partnerships with the likes of The FADER, Mixmag, OWSLA, Dirtybird Records and more. To join WAV Media’s growing audience of artists and fans, WAV is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. For further information, click here.

About the Magnified Project

Magnified is the next evolution in Mixmag and WAV’s extensive partnership. The series will shine a light on 10 handpicked artists. These include forward-thinking producers, entrancing live performers, and captivating DJs. Many of these artists are about take the leap into the big league. Included in the roster is Cassian, Daktyl, Durante, Baltra, JackLNDN, Jerry Folk, Justin Cudmore, J. Worra, Octo Octa and Qrion.

To accomplish this, Magnified will host exclusive videos and interviews, interactive live streams and share behind-the-scenes experiences. Magnified will also explore the creative and practical processes of these future headliners. Furthermore, they will demonstrate the numerous tools WAV provides to help artists build careers, grow audiences, share content and connect with fans.

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