What Is The Difference Between Party DJs And Other DJs?

DJs can make or break an event. They are the backbone of a celebration. However, most people do not realize that there are different types of DJs. DJs do in fact fall into more than one category. Party DJs are what we are most familiar with as we see them at music festivals, nightclubs, and various venues. On the other hand, we have radio DJs, mobile DJs, and music producers. All of which have similar acts of work, but they have drastic differences.

DJs are always accused of pressing play and gathering hoards of money. However, it actually takes a lot of work to find a gig, travel, get the music prepared, and get the party live from start to finish. On top of that, promoting themselves to stand out from the plethora of other performers. All entertainers have the same issues but what makes them stand out from each other?

Party DJs

Party DJs are the heroes that open for international acts. 1000s of people crowd venues and nightclubs to watch these DJs perform. Performers with a large social community may also book out of state gigs in cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York. Not only does the music they bring have to be hitting, but also the vibes are just as important. Energy is always filling the air at music festivals and that is because of the season trained party DJs. These DJs are at the pinnacle of the music spectrum due to there time spent event after event.

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Radio DJs

We all know local radio DJs. They are popular and abundant. They usually host, mix occasionally, or work for the programming staff. Radio DJs, however, have the most competitive field in the DJ industry. Every city has tons of radio stations and each one of them is fighting to gain the audience. These days a lot of radio DJs host podcasts or morning talk shows to go along with the people’s everyday routines. There are even some radio hosts that do nothing other than announcing in between songs. The ability to give insight into the newest hit is important to the radio audience.

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Mobile DJs

Mobile DJs are very similar to party DJs but with a couple of key differences. Instead of getting crowds hyped at huge raves they mostly produce soundtracks for weddings, business parties, and even school dances. Party DJs hardly ever interact with the crowd, this is a big difference from a mobile DJ. A good mobile DJ needs to be approachable, interacting with the guests to make sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time is crucial.

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The beauty behind the DJ music scene is the vast array of opportunities. Everyone becomes DJs for different reasons. Some dream of running a giant rave or even expressing themselves through the refinement of the music like the guys at All types of DJs play their role, work hard, and show a true passion for what they do. So, thank you, DJs, for all that you guys have done.

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