34th Annual Winter Music Conference at Faena District announces 1st round of programming and media/brand partners

The 4th Annual Winter Music Conference at Faena District announces their first round of programming and media/brand partners. The event takes place March 25-28 at the Faena Forum, Miami Beach.


Media Partners
WMC Media Partners include The Verge,, THe Recording Academy, Mixmag technology news and media network The Verge, Recording Academy and its charity MusiCares, and Magnetic Magazine. The Verge is a news and media network.  Mixmag will host their popular live “Lab” event from the Faena rooftop.
Brand Partners
WMC Brand Partners include Beatport, Discogs, Hooke Audio. IO Music Academy, Jamstick, Jamvana, Mixcloud, Point Blank Music School,  Rumpl, Russell Athletic, Scratch DJ Academy, Seven20, Sostereo, Splice, Sunski, Symphonic Distribution, TOPO Designs,  Traxsource, Ujo Music, and
Beatport is an online music store. Another partner, Discogs contains one of the largest online databases of electronic music releases. Additionally, Hook Audio. They are a 3D audio purveyor.  On top of that, IO Music Academy is a Los Angeles-based Music Production School. Furthermore, Jamstick makes a portable, app-connected guitar. Additionally, Jamvana is a music distribution and marketing company. In addition, Mixcloud is a British online music streaming service.  Also, Point Blank Music School is a music and creative media training school. Furthermore, Rumpl is an outdoor blanket manufacturer. Another partner, Russel Athletic is an apparel company founded by the late Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. Additionally, Scratch DJ Academy is a leader in DJ & music production education. Seven20 is a music and esports management company. Furthermore,  Sostereo is a music marketing and high-quality music library.  In addition to that, Splice is a music creation and collaboration platform. Next, Sunski is an affordable, polarized sunglasses manufacturer. Then there is Symphonic Distribution, a full-service distribution, rights management, marketing, playlist promotion, and brand strategist. Also a partner, TOPO Designs is a  retro-tinged backpack, bags, and apparel manufacturer. Then there is Traxsource, an electronic music store. Also a partner, Ujo Music is an artist-focused platform utilizing blockchain technology. Lastly, is a live music ecosystem and a blockchain-based marketplace that connects artists and music-industry professionals.
Label and Artist Management Partners
WMC label and artist management partners include Anjunabeats, Anjunadeep, Armada Music, Astralwerks, Big Beat Records, Circus Records, Deckstar, Deadbeats, Dirtybird, Enhanced Music, Geffen Records, Gud Vibrations, Involved Management, Little Empire Music, MB Management, Monstercat, Nervous Records, RAM Records, RCA Records, Red Light Management and Spinnin’ Records.

WMC Topics

The WMC programming will be spread across two distinct segments targeted at industry professionals: WMC Industry and WMC ACcess. The first, WMC Industry will be geared toward music consumers The second: WMC Access is for those looking to learn more about the music industry, technology, and culture that powers it.

A sample of some of the topics of discussion will include:

  •  Industry (Available to Industry badge holders only)
  • Crypto + Blockchain
  • Music Sync, Brand Relations, Music Marketing Strategy – Some of today’s top media, agencies and brands discuss trending topics
  • Media, Brands, PR – The challenges facing today’s media/advertising industry
  • Big Data, AI, AR/VR, Social Media Strategy/Technology, etc.
  • Grammy “MusicCares” Workshop
  • Environmental Issues and Sustainability Solutions
  • Health & Wellness Sessions
  • Thought Leadership
  • Daily Exclusive Networking Events – happy hours, rooftop events, and other industry gatherings
  • Beatport Label Panel – A curated Q&A session
  • Artists Panels – Artists from across the electronic music spectrum discuss the status quo (daily sessions)
  • DJ & Music Production Seminars (Point Blank, Scratch DJ Academy, IO Music Academy, and brand partners)
  • ESports, Tech, and Photography
  • The Verge Hosts – Curated fireside chat sessions discussing the intersection of music and technology
  • Mentor Sessions – Small group sessions with industry experts
  • A&R Sessions – Labels meet with aspiring producers to critique and inspire
  • Detailed announcements regarding complete programming, keynotes, panelists, fireside chats, mentor sessions, production/DJ education, etc. will be announced in early 2019

About WMC

WMC is an Industry is by invitation application-only conference dedicated to working professionals in the music industry. For one thing, it offers the opportunity to network with their peers. It also offers attendees the opportunity to engage in thoughtful leadership discussions with top executives. Furthermore, attendees can partake in relationship building. They can also attend health and wellness activities. In addition, attendees have the opportunity to gain insight from business leaders adjacent to the music industry from the world of tech, marketing, social media, and more.

WMC  Access allows consumers that are interested in music production, DJing, the music industry, technology, and culture to gain access to a showcase of the top companies in the business. From educators to gear manufacturers to consumer products, WMC Access is the place to be if you are passionate about this culture and want to dive a bit deeper.

WMC is run by Ultra Worldwide. the world’s most successful independent, international music festival brand, had acquired the Winter Music Conference (founded in 1985) and International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) properties. The Ultra Worldwide acquisition aims to restore WMC’s status as the must-attend dance music industry and networking conference in the world. A property unlike any other, WMC’s exclusive hotel partner, The Faena, was named by Conde Nast Traveler as the #1 hotel in Miami Beach for two consecutive years (2017 & 2018) via their prestigious readers poll.


Danny Tenaglia, DJ/Producer made the following statement:

Having only missed the very first year of WMC in 1985, it was 1986-1990 that initially placed me on the map globally due to the international attendance of the entire dance music community many delegates had recognized me for being a consistent DJ annually at WMC. All throughout the 90s I was often getting written about by various high profile mags and websites for having one of the best parties during the conference but also having contributed to help break many artists, DJs, producers and remixers by showing my appreciation and treating many of my sets as if it was an extension of the actual conference. WMC enabled me to bring many top industry people together all under one roof, especially at Groove Jet, where house music officially met Techno in my sets and it’s all been uphill since…TBC

Erick Morillo, DJ/Producer also made a statement:

Winter Music Conference is the cream of the crop of conferences. WMC is not only one of the most important times of the year as it relates to dance music but it’s also a place where records are broken and become summer hits. Some of my best DJ memories are from the events I played during WMC in the last 20 years.

David Morales, DJ/Producer made the following statement:

I’ve watched WMC grow to an international music convention where people attended from all around the world. Many people do not know how influential WMC has been in our industry – it’s all about breaking new music. In the days of vinyl, many promoters would bring their promos and there was always one or two records that were the tunes of the conference. The most important thing is how communal WMC is to us all. I have received many awards and have done many events over the years at the conference and I have to say that some of my history and success was due to attending and participating in WMC.

Nilay Patel – Editor-In-Chief, The Verge made the following statement:

The Verge has always been obsessed with the future of music, which is really a guide to the future of everything. And every year, Miami’s Winter Music Conference is where the future of electronic music comes together. From events to artists to the fans themselves, WMC is the premier destination to experience electronic music and its impact on the world. We’re excited to be a new WMC partner this year, and to bring technology and music to life together on stage.

Nick DeCosemo – Global Editorial Director, Mixmag Media made the following statement:

Put simply, without the Winter Music Conference the American and, indeed, the entire world’s electronic music landscape would not be what it is today. It’s amazing to see this iconic and incredibly important event reinvigorated and relaunched for 2019. Mixmag – one of the only dance music brands whose history goes back even further than the WMC – is incredibly proud and very excited to be part of this wonderful renaissance. Hope to see you all soon on South Beach.

David Waxman, General Manager, Ultra Music made the following statement:

After 25 years of attending WMC, it’s safe to say that Miami and more specifically South Beach is my second home. Every year I look forward to the annual conference so I can hear new tracks, meet old friends and celebrate how far electronic music has come.

Michael Weiss, Founder of Nervous Records made the following statement:

Since its inception, Winter Music Conference has been an essential piece of the world’s dance music landscape. In the beginning, it was geared toward the music industry. Once DJ Culture emerged as a force it remained an anchor as event producers, promoters and DJ’s would plan some of the year’s biggest DJ events during the same week and in the same city, namely Miami. Really happy to see that WMC is still as strong as ever and has evolved into a platform for all members of dance music community.

Kenny Cordova, Executive Director, Recording Academy Florida Chapter made the following statement:

For more than ten years, the Recording Academy’s Florida Chapter has been a partner of Winter Music Conference, and a longtime supporter of the electronic dance music genre. The Academy’s charity, MusiCares, has provided assistance to the dance music community through resources for substance abuse, medical care, and other hardships. We are proud to continue our ongoing support of Winter Music Conference and look forward to an exciting and important event.

Brian Tappert – Co-Founder, Traxsource made the following statement:

WMC is an institution! Without it, there would be no Traxsource or Soulfuric. Our breaks came directly from our WMC experiences many of which are still key for us today. As a South Florida company, we could not be happier to see WMC back in top form and are excited to be a part of its return to glory. See you on the beach!

Greg Galbraith, Sr. Director of Marketing at Russell Athletic made the following statement:

As a brand committed to supporting the creative community, Russell Athletic is excited to partner with the WMC. For decades the WMC has been an important catalyst in the growth of electronic music and Russell Athletic is proud to participate in such a significant cultural moment.

The venue: Faena Forum

Faena Forum is a pioneering public venue dedicated to presenting and showcasing the ambitious, the innovative and the groundbreaking in fields ranging from art and entertainment to business and beyond. For one thing, the name is evocative of the ancient civic and architectural concept of a forum. As a result, the organization aims to offer Miami a dynamic setting. It allows for ongoing programming under the direction of Faena Art, as well as use by private companies, institutions and individuals.

Alan Faena worked closely with OMA. Originally, OMA was founded by Rem Koolhaas and Shohei Shigematsu. In fact, Shigematsu is the Director of the New York office. He also served as the lead architect for the three buildings. Currently, he ensures that the 43,000 square-foot Forum is designed for ultimate flexibility.

The space accommodates everything from a temporary culinary pop up to an acoustically optimal concert. Two volumes, a cylinder and a cube that are similar in size, can be combined or subdivided to support any type of production. This includes projects and commissions as well as performances, exhibitions, and events. The building has two main levels. The lobby amphitheater features pink marble floors and technical capabilities for surround projections. The upper floor assembly hall features a 40-foot-high dome with a central glazed oculus. It also features a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking Indian Creek. A walkway that spirals up the interior wall of the Forum from street level to the top of the dome provides visitors with a range of perspectives on the space.

The Faena District

Miami is a city that has experienced the transformative power of the arts. With this conviction in mind, Alan Faena and Len Blavatnik debuted Faena Hotel Miami Beach in December 2015. In fact, this marked the first phase of openings in the Faena District Miami Beach. Faena district, therefore, became a new neighborhood rooted in the arts. Additionally, Faena District will also help catalyze a cultural renaissance in Miami and further enhance its reputation as a vital link between North and South.

Located in the heart of Miami Beach, Faena District stretches north from 32nd Street to 36th Street, between the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Creek. Every single one of its elements defies convention while promoting cultural inclusiveness that will benefit the entire community.

Faena District is the result of a collaboration between some of the most talented and creative minds who continue to challenge existing concepts of culture, entertainment and community. In order to accomplish this, the district integrates art, architecture, nature, and technology. As a result, the Faena District has changed the physical and cultural landscape of Miami Beach forever.

Media Partners

  • The Verge
  • The Recording Academy/
  • MusiCares
  • Mixmag
  • Billboard Dance
  • Attack Magazine
  • Data Transmission
  • DJ Mag (Asia, Belgium, France, Latin America, Switzerland and UK)
    Magnetic Magazine

Brand Partners

  • Anjunabeats
  • Anjunadeep
  • Armada Music
  • Astralwerks
  • Beatport
  • Big Beat Records
  • Circus Records
  • Deadbeats
  • Deckstar
  • Dirtybird
  • Discogs
  • Enhanced Music
  • Geffen Records
  •  Gud Vibrations
  • Hooke Audio
  • I AM POP
  • Involved Management
  • IO Music Academy
  • Jamstik
  • Jamvana
  • Little Empire Music
  • MB Management
  • Metapop
  • Mixcloud
  • Monstercat
  • Nervous Records
  • Point Blank Music School
  • RAM Records
  • RCA Records
  • Red Light Management
  • Rump
  • Russell Athletic
  • Scratch DJ Academy
  • Seven20
  • SoStereo
  • Spinnin Records
  • Splice
  • Sunski
  • Symphonic Distribution
  • TOPO Designs
  • Traxsource
  • Ujo Music

Further Information

Registration is open exclusively at this link.

For EDM Business and more on Electronic Dance Music check out OneEDM.

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