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Seven Lions released his latest EP, “Where I Won’t Be Found” June 26th off of Seeking Blue Records, Mr.Suicide Sheep’s label. Where I Won’t Be Found is a future bass track as well as the album’s namesake. This is Seven Lion’s 9th EP since 2010.

Seven Lions in Chicago on his final Journey Tour stop

The album features many different vocalists, inclduing Rico & Miella, Unlike Pulto, Karra, Hailene and NÉONHÈART.

NÉONHÈART, Los Angeles


NÉONHÈART is a synth-pop group from Los Angeles. It is comprised of songwriter/producer HAOO and singer-songwriter Christina O’Connor. NÉONHÈART brings a silky sound to this particular track. O’Connor sings about the feeling of having to move cautiously through a tough situation. “In the woods/Where I won’t be found/I feel the sun I feel the sound but/I’m walking on the wire…” Her voice really elevates the track.

The future bass style of this EP is sweet sounding and easy to listen to. The lyrics tug at emotions. The melodic beats pull listeners straight through the album’s 8 tracks. The album sends listeners on a fluid journey through both dance/festival anthems and down-tempo bass. The way Seven Lions was able to curate the album makes listening smooth and practically seamless across tracks. This new EP detracts from Seven Lions usual melodic dubstep sound. Where I Won’t be Found is an exploration of other dance sub-genres.

One of the tracks included in this EP is Steps Of Deep Slumber. This served as the intro track to Seven Lions’ sets during his “Journey” tour. Freesol was released by Seven Lions in April before the EP was complete. Fans were hooked. The track features Skyler Stonestreet.



  1. Freesol Feat. Skyler Stonestreet
  2. Where I Won’t Be Found Feat. NÉONHÈART
  3. Slow Dive
  4. Sun Won’t Rise Feat. Rico & Miella
  5. Rescue Me Feat. Unlike Pluto
  6. Without You My Love Feat Rico & Miella
  7. Steps of Deep Slumber
  8. Silent Skies Feat. KARRA


Seven Lions is playing multiple festivals this summer, catch him at the following events:

  • Jul 21 Tomorrowland Boom, Belgium
  • Aug 11-13 Summer Set Music & Camping Festival Somerset, WI
  • Sep 1-3 Electric Zoo New York, NY
  • Sep 22-24 Imagine Music Festival Atlanta, GA

Listen to the EP Here:

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