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soundcloud dubset

SoundCloud and Dubset partnership

Remixes will start making money totally legally with a massive new deal between SoundCloud and Dubset clearing licenses. About the SoundCloud- DubSet Partnership SoundCloud has made a name as the online home for creators, producers, DJs, remixers, and anyone musically creative. The company has just signed a major deal that...

Copyright Royalty Board

Copyright Royalty Board Boosts Songwriters’ Streaming Pay 40%

The Copyright Royalty Board has ruled to increase songwriter rates for interactive streaming by nearly 40% over the next five years. This happened during a ruling issued early Saturday. Equally important, the Copyright Royalty Board simplified and strengthened the methods used to pay mechanical royalties to songwriters. To accomplish this,...


Blockchain Protocols can resolve Copyright Issues

  Copyright law has been a source of legal conflict since well before the rise of the internet. The relatively new presence of blockchain technology could potentially cut the number of copyright conflicts the industry sees on a regular basis. Benefits of Blockchain technology  Since the beginning of time, copyright...