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Jai Wolf’s Upcoming Album

Jai Wolf is set to release a new album on April 5, 2019, titled "The Cure to Loneliness". So far, the artist has released two songs in anticipation for his new project. The new releases have a much different sound than than what Jai Wolf is commonly known for. Titled...

Bro Safari

Listen Now: Bro Safari & UFO! Unveil Their ‘Clockwork’ Album

Album artwork for 'Clockwork' by Bro Safari and UFO! After releasing their latest music from another dimension in piecemeal, Bro Safari and UFO! have finally shared their Clockwork album in full. The five previously released songs, including “N.U.M.B.” and “WAMF,” are now joined by three brand new atmospheric tracks to...


CASPA Drops New Album ‘Vibrations’ + Single “F You”

Album artwork for 'Vibrations'. For bonus points, scroll up and down to see the vibes. One of the original dons of dubstep, CASPA from the U.K. has released his new album Vibrations. The 10-track album solidifies his position in precise detail that this producer of dubstep is here to stay. Purchase/stream Vibrations on...