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Piers Baron

Piers Baron – “The Light Will Follow Us” (Music Review)

Piers Baron has been making music under several aliases since 2014. With "The Light Will Follow Us," Baron drops a happy electro-house song with a "Madeon/Porter" vibe. The song is accompanied by autotuned vocals, for an overall futuristic-feeling track. The song's lyrics recount a love story between two people needing...

Introducing Keyframe’s Music Video Remix of IAMEVE’s “Starman”

OneEDM is proud to announce the world premiere of Keyframe-Entertainment’s IAMEVE “Starman” Music Video Remix. While we are all familiar with song remixes augmenting popular tunes into various genres suitable to a diverse range of dance floors, remixing a music video is altogether new territory. “Starman” truly represents a new...