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Artists to Discover: Ryan Webb aka Louder Space

Interview with Louder Space, a space-loving California dubstep/trap DJ.

Ryan Webb is an up-and-coming producer from Morgan Hill, California who goes by the stage name Louder Space. His music career began when he saw “School of Rock” in the 6th grade. All he wanted to do was play guitar, and that Christmas his wish came true. After receiving his first guitar, he played almost every day. In middle school, he joined a few punk bands with friends as well.

It wasn’t until college that Ryan Webb got into electronic music. Webb is mainly focusing on dubstep and hybrid trap, while also throwing in some house here and there. Inspiration for Louder Space comes from Webb’s fascination with space and extraterrestrial life. He believes outer space is the perfect theme to host huge music events. At 27, Webb has some big accomplishments under his belt. From opening for big-name artists such as Ghaslty and Ray Volpe to winning a DJ competition to play at the official Wobbleland 2020 Afterparty in San Francisco, California.

Ryan Webb
Ryan Webb, also known as Louder Space

Cullen Bunker: How did you get into making music?

Louder Space: At first I would just record guitar with a little USB mic into garage band and cover some of my favorite rock/indie songs. That’s where I first learned the basics of production like layering, live recording, little sampling tricks, etc. Shortly after that I dowloaded Ableton and got cracking on YouTube tutorials.

What inspires your music now?

My favorite artists inspire me now. That’s really what keeps me motivated to make music of my own. If I’m ever feeling in a rut with writer’s block or whatever, I can just listen to some of my favorite edm artists and get re-inspired. 

What have you been up to during quarantine?

Quarantine’s been a weird adjustment for everyone without a doubt. But all-in-all I’ve been feeling pretty sane and just thankful to have music production as a passion. It’s kind of an endless journey if that makes any sense. There’s ALWAYS something new to learn and something to improve. I feel like for artists, quarantine has been an opportunity to re-organize, re-structure and learn. Personally, I created a pretty organized daily schedule to break up watching tutorials/streams, organizing sounds & files, producing music, as well as taking the necessary breaks and personal time.

What’s your first memory of the EDM world?

My first memory of the EDM world was at the first show I attended in San Jose with some college friends. I think I was like 19 years old and it was Doctor P headlining in like 2012. I remember that shit was wild.

How would you describe your music style?

 My personal music style is a bass-heavy hybrid of dubstep and trap with subtle, creative, melodic elements peppered in throughout. Must Die’s track Shibuya Overdrive is a pretty solid example of the vibe I shoot for.

Do you have a favorite festival?

My favorite festival (so far) has to be Lightning in a Bottle. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it! 

If you could book yourself at any event, which one would it be?

A huge goal of mine is to perform at EDC Las Vegas.

Which artist(s) do you look up to the most?

Some of my biggest musical inspirations are Zomboy, Nghtmre, Nitti Gritti, Eptic, Must Die, Ray Volpe, & Eliminate

How is your local music scene?

Usually San Francisco has a lot of bass music events going on every week or two (shoutout Olympus Events & Amplify). Nowadays everything is up in the air. Find ways to support your favorite venues and artists during this time! 

You’ve opened for some pretty big names, do you have a favorite? Why?

 I opened up for Ghastly & Ray Volpe once in San Francisco and was lucky enough to have an awesome time slot. The room was basically full and I felt great about my whole set. I’ll include a photo from that night in the article 🙂 

What are some of your goals, in terms of your music career, for 2020?

I’ve got a handful of goals for this year. 

1 – Increase my productivity in completing tracks. It’s so easy to get stuck in the 16 bar loop. Working really hard on releasing more music, more frequently by focusing more on arrangement as opposed to the technical aspects.

2 – Hop on the streaming hype! Twitch has been going off lately and I’ve been really enjoying tuning into my favorite artists/friend’s channels. I think I’m just a webcam purchase away from setting it up in my home so hopefully within the next month I can be up and running. Also some instagram live mixes are soon to come 🙂

3 – Put out a new mix. One of my good friends mentioned starting a radio show that will feature some up and coming artists. Kind of like a guest mix series. Can’t wait to get some more ideas together, and launch the new show! Furthermore, as is true for thousands of artists right now, a couple of my shows had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 (sad face). I’m making it a goal to play some shows once we all have the go ahead to get outside and socialize again. 

Louder Space

What’s next for you?

I plan on coming out of the depths of quarantine with a new EP ready for release. Going to have a house track on there too. Stay tuned for some new music!

It is clear that the mind of Ryan Webb is in the music industry. Treating fans with an EP post-quarantine is a great way to come out of this hard time swinging. Connect with Louder Space on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition, make sure to stay updated on events and opportunities by following his Collective on Instagram and Facebook!

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