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Voices of EDM: Gia Koka

As one of the go-to vocalist in the electronic music scene, Gia Koka has racked up hot collaborations with the genres leading artist/producers. And let’s face it: what would some tracks be without that vocal that elevates it to its actual potential? Now on the verge of releasing more of her own music, Gia is “flying by night” and turning up the underground music world.

Hailing from Holland, Gia was born to perform; a singer-songwriter-producer who has the talent, the originality and chill factor we all look for in our favorite singers. Growing up admiring the magic that entertainment grants, Gia looked up to a number of singers who she felt molded her and who she found inspiration in (Jai Paul, Aaliyah, Brintey Spears). This is a clear indication as to why she has that soulful electronic pop moxie I have grown to really enjoy. Signed in the U.K., Gia began a fast-paced career with writing. But as we writers do, we end up wanting to write for ourselves, so that’s just what she did. On June 25th, 2015 Gia Koka releases her EP “Feux Rouges”. She’s making four tracks off her EP available for free download, once a week in the proceeding month. It’s an already good EP, but an inexpensive one too! Look at that- now millennial artists are not only entertaining us but looking out for our wallets.


Gia’s a woman with a voice who has zero problems stating so. Tracks like “FCUKU” present her sensuality and sexuality through seductive bass and guitar trembles, cradling the buzz of electronica and the soul in her voice. It all bestows that confidence she has in creating her music. Sorry, grandma. But that’s what I like to hear more of that, please.

Her whole self-produced EP “Feux Rouges” is what you throw on your sound bar and annoy your neighbors with because you got Gia Koka’s heavy acidic electronic bass playin’. That’s what you have to do when you want to be a unique original artist. You have to just make people upset by saying “Hey! I’m gonna be me.” An EP,  a bunch of other good electronic R&B sweets and some dynamite covers (Genie in a Bottle), Koka is callin’ the shots on creativity. Her collaborations with some first string electronic artists have multiplied her online streams tremendously. “Not Going Home” with DVBBS reached 60 million! streams on Spotify. And over 6 million views on YouTube for “Born to Lose” with No Sleep. It’s an obvious justification that she has the voice for a win. Lending her vocal fruition to one of the biggest EDM tracks of 2015, Gia and Quintino & Yves V shell out the unbreakable “Unbroken“!

A stack of acoustic performances like “It’s Black” at Mokum Sessions show her skill at the piano and her style of switching in and out from an R&B/Jazz ad-lib right into a folk-blues design. And man, she does that so well. Here we have another artist displaying the importance of versatility and how it must come from within in order for it to be real and let’s be honest good to listen to too. If you’re not being yourself in your music, then I wouldn’t want to listen. With Gia Koka, you don’t have to worry about that. Her EP and featured vocals will have you grinding in your seat as your headphones deliver to you Gia’s passionate glide over crisp beats all with her signature sound.

Recently, Gia had the invite to be a feature on Yellow Claw’s latest album “The Galaxy”. Once more, Gia expresses herself effortlessly, voicing “But I’m good without you” on the album’s track “Without You”. Are today’s women increasingly showing less and less fear behind declaring their emotions? With singers and artists like Gia Koka, Zara Larsson, Nifra and Bebe Rexha holding the torch and revealing their thoughts through their music, it makes way for all women to do the same. Growing up in a very religious environment with boundaries around you and from what you put on yourself, that need to “break free” as Gia says intensifies! I guess that’s why she writes the way she writes and carries herself the way she does (in that comfortable and confident young woman of the 21st century way).

If you haven’t yet managed to take a peek into the musical stylings of the late 90’s R&B/electronic Pisces Dame than do so! A bit of Total and Missy Elliot living in the bones of a little Dutch girl dancing around her room is the definition of Gia’s essence. Her love for music and life reach out and touch her fans her family and her friends. If she stays on this path of honesty and love, she can only end up in the best place that she would want to be.





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