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Interview with Oakland-based Producer/Singer Adrian Jauregui

Adrian Jauregui is an emerging singer, songwriter, and music producer originating from Los Angeles. The current Oakland-based artist has been singing for fifteen years, giving him an edge when it comes to making his own music. Adrian Jauregui is originally a percussionist, which aids him in creating beats and great drops for his music. The Californian artist delivers music that is emotional, uplifting, and relatable lyricism. Known for his versatility, Adrian has no boundaries when it comes to producing music. This further enables his music to be unique and genre-bending. Adrian Jauregui is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as he continues leaving his footprint in the music scene. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with the multi-talented producer and singer from Oakland, California.

Kenny Ngo: How have you been doing in this quarantine?

Adrian Jauregui: Quarantine has been very eventful. Sheltering in place has given me the ability to improve on my songwriting and producing skills. Since most festivals and shows have been canceled, it has also allowed me to work remotely with other artists. Honestly, it is a blessing in disguise to really focus on self-awareness and experiment with different sounds.

How did you begin your music career?

Music production has always been a passion of mine. It all began at the age of 10 in East Los Angeles while attending the “Los Angeles Music and Arts School”. Originally, I started my career as a percussionist, and I just evolved musically towards learning other skills such as singing, songwriting, and producing. I grew up in a household of musical talents, I would watch my brother DJ and hear my sister sing. My father was also a musician which makes me feel connected that I am able to continue something that means a lot to me.

Did you have any musical influences growing up?

My musical influences are all over the place, it is like listening to your iPod on shuffle mode with so many genres. However, growing up I would listen to mainstream pop, physically play alternative rock, and sing to anything from mainstream to electronic dance. Now I would say artists such as LAUV, Kaskade, Slander, Cheat Codes, and Alan walker are huge influences when it comes to influenced sounds.

You released your recent track, “Fool’s Gold” back in January. How was it like producing the track?

Being involved in that whole music production process was so much fun. “Fool’s Gold” is one of my favorite tracks on my EP, CANVAS. I actually licensed this track working with a producer by the name of MANTRA who is responsible for working with artists such as Yellow Claw, Neyo and Rihanna. Which is why you hear that electronic-pop sound. However, adding my own twist really brought the originality to the track. The songwriting and vocals were challenging because I had to revisit a few events in my life that were miserable to connect to my true self and provide a visual for the listener through sound.

What is the meaning behind “Fool’s Gold”?

“Fool’s Gold” was influenced by a break-up of mine I had a few years ago, the story behind the lyrics describes a phase in my relationship where I began to realize it wasn’t what I expected. The term fool’s gold refers to a valuable relationship I thought I was in, but later ended as a false illusion. However, with every relationship lessons were learnedand the process with this song helped me cope with the aftermath.

Regarding your second-recent track, “Nova”, how do you describe the track in your words?

Energetic, fun and feel good. Originally, “Nova” was an acoustic R&B song but then I found the right producer to help me bring it to life with today’s modern pop sound. I wrote this song nine years ago and just released it in 2019. It was a song that I kept for myself for a while, however, felt like I had to release it.

For the track that you released before “Nova” that is titled “Crossfire”, you collaborated with vocalist and songwriter (and fellow Los Angelan), Breana Marin. How was it like working with her on “Crossfire”?

Breana has such a beautiful soul and is so inspiring. I remember for about a year I would always try to get her attention via social media by covering a few songs. One day, she and I connected and have stayed in touch since then. She runs a collective music group called “Love Pulse” in which she works with other music industry professionals providing high-quality content and insane hooks for most music genres.

“Crossfire” was another track I jumped on in which she and another producer had available. You can feel the electric chemistry between her and I in this song to the point where it gives me the chills. Although still fresh, this song will become a summer hit once it receives more attention.

You also produced a remix for “Crossfire”. What are the significant differences between the original track and the remix?

The “Crossfire Remix” was so much fun, I wanted to create a twist aiming for a more feel-good festival vibe. The significant differences include a more emotional touch and a hard colorful bass. Once we finished the original song, I knew I wanted a remix of it. In turn, I worked with one of the best producers in the industry and a friend of mine ,DJ Libra

He is the man behind the magic for the remix. During the process, he kept me in the loop during his creative process and the outcome was amazing. In fact, the remix featuring DJ Libra is pretty vibrant with sound that when I close my eyes, it almost feels like I can see the sounds.

What has been the most memorable show and/or festival that you had ever performed in?

In 2019, I had the opportunity to perform with an exclusive music collective in Mexico City for a week. That small tour really helped me with my artist identity. That was the breaking point where I was able to leave my shell when it comes to performing live. Overall, it was such an unforgettable experience because I also had my cousins with me during that trip as support. I look forward to involving myself to perform and work with other artists once COVID settles down.

What is the first thing that you want to do once the California shelter-in-place order ends?

Perform, perform, and perform. At the moment, I am analyzing my fan base and considering planning a mini-tour while traveling the country. In fact, I have my eyes set on Europe as most of my fan base is located there. I have some exciting news that I am announcing for the first time. Currently, I am working on my new EP “Voice Notes”, exclusively said here for One EDM. I have a few special guest performances and DJs that will be featured on this project. To conclude, I feel like the best is yet to come and I cannot wait to share this with everyone this year.

Follow Adrian Jauregui online

To see more of this exciting artist, feel free to follow him on social media. Adrian Jauregui has Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, and his own official website. Also check out his music on ReverbNation as well.

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