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Voices of EDM: Troye Sivan

YouTube, TV, film and music are all under the belt of the Aussie dream pop star Troye Sivan. A happy little pill of a heartthrob, this young man’s talent, style and bravery shine through his music and career. A hot new single with Martin Garrix (“There For Fou”) breaking into the top of the charts is just one of the multiple accomplishments this 21 year old artist has collected.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in late spring of 1995, Sivan and his family relocated at the age of two to Australia. Growing up in Perth, running around and singing in the kid’s playroom at home, his gifts began to appear. The little future star would belt right along with Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and catch the shock of his proud parents. As he grew up, his talents did as well. Sivan made it to the finals on StarSearch at the age of 12 while also making an impressive Hollywood debut on the big screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as the young Wolverine. With newfound stardom, it was clear as day that this child had a light within him.

He soon began logging onto YouTube, and shut it down almost immediately by dominating in the online video world. His covers and telethon uploads were only just the beginning. “Dare to Dream” was Sivan’s first independent EP. Soon after, an additional independent EP was released entitled  “June Haverly“. To have achieved this much already as a pre-teen shows more than just a calling, but a destiny.

The blessings continued to pour in as Sivan signed his record deal with EMI Australia. He racked up the views and the followers with his fearless and honest “coming out” video. August 7, 2013, was the day that Sivan felt the most nervous he had ever felt in his entire life. It also became one of the most important days in his life because he chose to share a big part of himself with his fans in a way he had never attempted before. As someone who is part of the gay community, I understand what a relief it is to be true, honest and treated just the same; that’s what exactly happened for this rising social icon. Inspiring and touching, so many of his followers responded with resilient support to this valiant declaration on self-identity.

Not long after his contract, Sivan released the EP “TRXYE” on August 15, 2014. As a thank-you to his fans, Sivan signed the first 2000 copies of the preorder to the EP. It housed the raw writings of “Happy Little Pill” and the song that landed his contract, “The Fault In Our Stars“. Landing him the number one spot on iTunes in over 55 countries, “TRXYE” also scored Sivan his first top ten album on the Billboard 200! Quite the feet for a novice in today’s dog-eat-dog industry.

Growing up in the 90’s, I didn’t have anyone to look up to or admire- no one I could also relate to with on how I was feeling. I now see young artists like Troye Sivan being a vessel for gay teens who may be feeling the same despair and follow an example of pride.

His second major label release titled “WILD” showcased the young man’s fearless voice once again. Making bold statements with his trio video story of two gay adolescents in a relationship, Sivan shined more light on the LGBTQ community. Moments that make you smile and moments that make you shut your eyes, the blue neighborhood trilogy displays the turbulence in finding love and acceptance with oneself and others as a gay youth. The tracks “WILD”, “FOOLS”, and “TALK ME DOWN” contrived the video love story. It gives hope to a brighter future for not just homosexuals but to anyone feeling different or stifled by others on being who they are, all because we have a public figure doing that courageously.

Setting an example landed Troye Sivan honorable recognition as one of TIME’s magazine’s most influential teens and the coveted Stephen F Kolzac award at the GLAAD Awards. And even the praise and acknowledgment from big stars like Sam Smith and one of Troye’s favorites, Taylor Swift.

The “WILD” EP served as an introduction to his debut album “Blue Neighborhood”, a metaphor on the life experiences he had growing up. A co-writer to his album, Sivan makes an effort at hitting topics that are very personal but engaging for his fans. The 16 track deluxe edition includes new music and the six tracks off of the “WILD” EP. Songs like “Cool” exhibit the coast riding vibes of Troye’s breezy and serene vocals. Then tracks like “Heaven” ft Betty Who is something you would find at the end of a groundbreaking love story. Revealing lyrics like “Without losing a piece of me, how do I get to heaven?” sets the singer’s truth running wild. Not too much, not too little is always the perfect approach at making a big statement. A tally of tours followed after the release of “Blue Neighborhood”. 2015’s Troye Sivan live and 2016’s Blue Neighborhood Tour and Suburbia Tour.

Currently, in the top twenty in 40 countries with “There for you”, releasing EP’s, an album, tours, and being a voice for his community, Troye Sivan is becoming one commendable young talent and a new “Voices of EDM” favorite.

For more information visit http://troyesivan.com/home

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