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Voices of EDM: Dua Lipa

Fitting her sultry vocal style atop multiple and various sounding genres, Dua Lipa serenades the microphone in our hearts. The soulful young woman has a particular taste and style that span from the likes of Kendrick Lamar all the way to Nelly Furtado. At the young age of 21, she has managed to grab the attention of larger than life musicians to aid her in the blossoming of Dua Lipa.

Raised in London and shortly, Kosovo, Dua Lipa is a young singer-songwriter living her dream and taking it one step at a time. Guided by her musician Albanian father, Dua was surrounded by music her whole childhood. Dua began to post covers of some of her favorite singers on YouTube while entering her teen years, gathering inspiration from The Stereophonics, Christina Aguilera, and Robbie Williams.

As many young singers wisely do, Dua took advantage of the wonders that Youtube can provide. She moved back to London from Kosovo all on her own at the age of 15. Living with a friend, she decided to take her dreams of a music career and make them a reality. Dua began to shape some sort of a musical identity, but it wasn’t an easy process. Struggling to find her sound, she had ups and downs but stayed persistent nonetheless. She began putting together demos and shopping around, taking the standard Youtube covers to an entirely new level. Dua hustled as an aspiring singer and model/waitress, grinding until her hard work paid off and the call came to quit her day job.

Signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2015, she began working on her album. A writing process of over a year and a half, Dua involves herself in every aspect of the album’s creation.

“It’s really about authenticity”, says the Albanian singer.

She aimed at taking the rawness and the truthfulness in hip-hop to couple chock-full pop hooks, J.Cole meets P!nk you could say. Personally, I also hear some Joss Stone and Sara Bareilles vibes going on, too.

Releasing her first single “New Love“, the singer kicked off the Lipa parade. Shortly after, a streak of smashing singles flowed in and out of the radio airwaves. “Hotter than Hell” was the one track that took her to a higher level by doing more than well on the UK charts. It made her music global.

Not to sound corny, but I will: I remember hearing “Blow Your Mind” for the first time while I was half asleep, and the mystical sensation of the first verse woke me. I was like, what’s that? I got up and grabbed it. When music catches your attention, it’s for a reason and it’s called legitimacy. I like how the track goes from some deep Annie Lennox-type of pop to British pop explosion. It’s the perfect example of her descriptions as to what she wanted her sound to be.

As an artist works on their own album, they get invited to work on others- that’s where they blow up. Dua has been lining up the top acts as she snags stellar collabs all in an eclectic manner. “Scared to Be Lonely” is Dua’s big EDM collaboration with one of OneEDM’s favorites, Martin Garrix. The topic of honesty in emotions and behavior while being in love spill from Dua’s lips. Being consistent not only for your music but for others is what makes you authentic. If she continues that work ethic and frame of mind in her artistry, it could lead her further than she might have thought.

Additional collabs with Sean Paul, Major Lazor, and Wizkid thicken her experience. Working with Chris Martin of Coldplay was a highlight for her learning process- an intimidating one, but one she can never forget. Fear and excitement tend to be the feel for a new singers introduction into the world, but having the support of fellow talent can give you more than enough confidence. As the special guest for Bruno Mars late winter early spring tour, Dua keeps pedaling on her music career spin wheel. June and July are packed with festivals and solo performances that are the perfect prepping for her own self-titled tour, scheduled to start October 2017.

Lost in Your Light” ft Miguel out now, is the latest single from the indie dark pop performer. Killing it Kosovo-style has worked well for Dua, so “be the one” to grab the first copy of Dua Lipa’s self-titled debut album planned to drop on June 2, 2017!

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